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These Educational Funds are responsible for raising private money, for their respective public schools. The raised funds have bought laptops and tablets for students, built sensory rooms for special needs students, supplied interactive "smartboards" for classrooms, paid for take-home meals during the COVID shutdown, the list goes on. Clearly, these educational funds are vital to our public schools!

The FUND Run is a friendly competition between the Somers Educational Fund, Suffield Foundation for Excellent Schools, and the EDUinnovate (Ellington). The Fund that has the most 5k registrations by November 30th... wins! All you have to do is pick the Fund you want to support, register to participate, then go walk or run 3.1 miles whenever you're ready! 


We all know what a customary 5k looks like - You wake up early on a weekend. Drive to the location moments before the race starts. Hand over your cash to enter the race. Run. Finish. Before you can catch your breath, you're racing again... but this time you're racing back home to get the kids to soccer practice on time. 

With a virtual 5k - you get to run or walk wherever and whenever is good for you! Want to get your 5k in during your kid's horseback riding lesson? Do it! Before dinner on a Tuesday? Sure! Just be sure there's enough daylight for others to safely see you! 

For the FUND Run, all you have to do is download a smartphone app called RaceJoy. With RaceJoy, it allows us to verify that you completed the 5k and automatically report your finish time to the FUND Run website! 

  1. When you sign up, pick the Fund you want to support when you sign up - that's how we will track the participation for each Fund. 
  2. Download the RaceJoy app to your phone.
  3. Run or walk a 5k while being tracked by RaceJoy.
  4. Once you've completed a 3.1-mile distance, RaceJoy will automatically let you know that you are done and will report your time to the results page! Easy-peasy.
  5. For children that do not have phones, you can submit their finish time manually. 
  1. Prior to your run/walk, please find the RaceJoy app in your app store and download it to your phone.
  2. Set up your RaceJoy account, and select The FUND Run as your race.
  3. You will need to have your phone during your run in order to be timed.
  4. When you are ready to begin, hit the Start button in RaceJoy.
  5. At each mile mark, RaceJoy will audibly announce your time and pace. We've also set up a few fun "cheer points" for you along the way.
  6. When you complete your run, RaceJoy will automatically stop the clock and post your results. 

Bibs: Once you have successfully signed up for the FUND Run, you will receive an on-screen confirmation. In that confirmation, the system will automatically assign you a bib number. REMEMBER THAT BIB NUMBER! You will need it when you log in to RaceJoy.

  1. Run or Walk your 5k (3.1 miles) wherever you like. Just do it safely (ie; daylight hours only, follow traffic laws, be smart).
  2. Run/Walk must be completed between 1 November - 30 November 2020.
  3. Adults must use the RaceJoy app on your phone to track and time you - only results generated by RaceJoy will count. You can manually submit your kid's finish time.
  4. You must have the phone on your person (in your hand, in a case strapped to your arm, etc) - no one can "mule" your phone for you. 

Refer 5 friends, and we'll automatically refund your $30 entry fee!

Here's how it works:

  1. Once you've signed up for the race, you will have the opportunity to share the news with your friends on social media.
  2. Share on your social media and invite friends to participate.
  3. If one of your friends clicks on the post that you've shared and they sign up - our system automatically tracks that referral.
  4. Once you get to 5 referrals... presto... your credit card is refunded! 

It's super easy! Share away! 


Is your Fund in the lead? Take a look! (updated daily)


Everyone that signs up gets a FUND Run face mask!

If you live far away, your Fund will likely ship them to you. But if you're local, your Fund may schedule a time and place for you to pick them up. Remember, this is a fundraiser... at a time when fundraisers are nearly impossible to host. Yet your Funds found a way to make one happen through this "virtual" 5k. The more money they raise (and keep), the more our schools and our kids will benefit.


When To Run: During daylight hours (ie; no running at night).

Where To Run: You know your neighborhood best. Complete your 5k somewhere safe. Preferably in a place where you don't share the space with moving vehicles - like a rail trail, park, etc. If you do have to run on the roads, follow traffic laws and do it at a time of day where you will be most visible to vehicle operators. Definitely do not run/walk at night. 

Physical Distancing: Respect it. 

Bathrooms, EMTs, General Course Support: We're not providing any. That's on you. Be prepared. Be safe. Run/Walking with a friend is a wonderful idea! RaceJoy also allows family/friends to follow you on their smartphones in real time! They can send you cheers, funny messages... give it a shot!

Likeness Waiver: We can take your picture or your social media posts and use them appropriately. So smile. :)


Available for Apple and Android devices.

Interactive Race Day Experience with RaceJoy

Live Phone Tracking, GPS Progress Alerts and Cheers!

We are providing you with RaceJoy as part of the official race experience for The FUND Run Virtual 5k.

Download the RaceJoy mobile app in advance to ensure proper phone setup. Invite your friends and family to track you and send you cheers!

Some key RaceJoy features include:

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive continual progress updates as you complete your goal.

Live GPS Tracking

  • Remote spectators can track your progress live in a map view. You can also track others.


  • Receive supportive audio cheers from remote friends & family.

Virtual Results (virtual events only)

  • Enter your race-assigned bib number to automatically submit your finish data for real-time scored results.
To use RaceJoy, you must carry your phone and activate tracking on the day you complete your race.
View RaceJoy How-To

The mission of the EDUinnovate Foundation is to stimulate innovation and support excellence in education, both in Ellington and beyond, by providing funding for projects and programs that enhance the educational experience for public school students.

Grants Awarded:

  • Lifetime:   $71,246 (since 2019)
  • This Year: $21,564 

Projects Funded: Appreciation Gifts for 479 teachers and staff in September 2020 - Aerospace engineering curriculum and drones - Literacy stations for music classrooms - MakerBot 3D printer - Replaced traditional after-school detention with Mindfulness Practices Program - Rovering Around Ellington mathematics project - Fashion technology for the 21st Century 

The Mission Statement of the Somers Education Foundation is to preserve the community’s commitment to educational excellence in the Somers Public School by providing funding for innovative projects and programs which enhance student learning.

Grants Awarded:

  • Lifetime:   $575,449 (since 2004)
  • This Year: $58,551 

Projects Funded: White board technology throughout the school system - Sensory calming rooms in Elementary and Middle schools - Re-equipped Chemistry and Physics Dept at High School - Sound Garden at Elementary School - $100,000 for Professional Development courses - Computer laboratory at Middle School - Digital microscopes for the High School Biology Dept - Robotics and Coding Grant for the High School - Seed Grants for iPad technology


The Suffield Foundation for Excellent Schools is an educational foundation that provides support for innovative and exceptional educational programs and opportunities beyond the tax-supported School budget for the benefit of Suffield students.

Grants Awarded:

  • Lifetime:   $775,000 (since 2001)
  • This Year: $25,000 

Projects Funded: TV Studios - Gizmo software - Books - Concert grand piano for the high school auditorium - standing desks - headset microphones - science programs - smart white boards - document cameras - 3D printers - laser printers

Race Contact Info

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